Athens Bench Mark Athens Bench Mark Athens Bench Mark Athens Bench Mark
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Athens Bench Mark


A bench for Athens’ the public spaces
Project: Competition, Athens Bench Mark

The bench is composed of three different eco-friendly materials which can be adjusted according to the needs of each neighbourhood and where they will be located. The first essential element is the having the back and arm rests at different heights for those who want to place their lap top, or lean back or even sit on them. These rests are made of compressed earth, a technique equivalent to cob, which is used quite often in Greece for ecological structures. The second element is a seat made of eco-friendly cob, embedded with aromatic plants. This will give the citizens of Athens an opportunity to reconnect with their senses. They will feel the earth as they sit down and enjoy the scents of the herbs. The third element, the cubes of compressed wood fashioned in more playful shapes and flexible for those who want to communicate. The bench is not just a public urban fixture; it changes due to weathering and conditions. With the passage of time, the cob and compressed earth walls will take the shape of the bodies that mostly sit on them, while the plants will follow their annual cycle.


Project team
Architects: Chloe Paraskeva Hudelot & Maria Vidali