Harbour of Tinos Harbour of Tinos Harbour of Tinos Harbour of Tinos Harbour of Tinos Harbour of Tinos
Project Info

Harbour of Tinos

2013 –

Restoration, enhancement of the inner harbor of Tinos
Design of public space and urban landscape
7.500 m²

The project, assigned by Tinos-Andros Port Fund, is related to the enhancement of the old port jetties of the island. Today the jetty that hosts Elli’s monument offers spaces for parking, for the arrival and departure of the speedboats, a travellers’ shelter, and the lighthouse.  The central jetty—and the third jetty alike—offers mainly spaces for parking, a space for the  arrival and departure of the ferries in bad weather, a kiosk, a fish kiosk and a bus station.
In general we can see the coexistence of disconnected elements, while the promenade by the sea does not include stοpping/seating areas.
In the preliminary study of the first jetty we studied the creation of a new public space connected with Elli’s monument and its historical memory: the torpedoing of the cruiser Elli  and part of this jetty, which signalled thebeginning of the Second World War in Greece. The plan includes a public space which “dips” gradually into lower levels. The creation of a deep section/well  with an underground connection to  the sea allows the sound of the sea to reach an inner spot and enhance the historical character of the monument which already exists on the jetty.
In this area we have also included the redesigning of the travellers’ shelter, a metal construction with metal surfaces, again as a reference to the historical cruiser. The use of different materials—mainly concrete—on the ground suggests our intention to differentiate areas of the public space. Also at this jetty there is a car park which is reformed during winter time.
On the second jetty there is again a new public space with the intention to “view” and “be viewed”.  A volume of steps—not higher than 2.20— whose empty part underneath can be used as storage space—creates a seating area and a performance space in front of it. The materials used are mainly local marble and concrete. Also part of this project area is the redesigning of the fish market with a canopy which hosts the fishermen’s stalls.
The third jetty is divided into two parts: a sitting area reformed by the use of Tinian marble and linked to the entertainment and parking area.


Project team:
Architects: Maria Vidali, Ron Walkey