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Project Info

Summer house


Private summer house with a guest house
St. Anna area - farming landscape of Tinos island.
Design and planning permission
House: 165 m², guest house: 36 m²


Real Estate information for this property:


The site of this property looks over the south west, towards the Aegean sea. At the south east of our site and far behind there is Exombourgon Mountain/ Rock and from the north someone can see the dry land meeting the sea and the sky.
Access to the site starts from the north where an old pathway links the site with the main farming road.
The idea of the house is based on a one storey house with a basement and a one storey guest house well connected with the landscape and the view that surrounds the landscape. We used elements of the traditional architecture interpreted into the need of a contemporary house set on the particular landscape. The single volume of the house is set against the rich inclinations of the dry land using proportions equal  proportions of a traditional house well connected with the daily needs of the people the use it and  the land/ landscape that surrounds it. The house is designed in a way so as the owner to be able to built it in three different construction phases following the family needs. The route from the land property entrance is in a higher land level in relation to the roof of the house  and steps down while someone can look over the horizontality of the roof surface the horizon of the Aegean sea.


Project team:
Architects: Maria Vidali, Iannis Zachariades
3D Images: Ismini Meliou